Brake Vibrations

Many vehicles today are equipped with Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS). During emergency stopping situations, ABS provides a rapid series of brake applications that allow the driver better control of the vehicle. Drivers who are not familiar with ABS, may easily confuse this pulsing sensation with abnormal brake system vibration. Continue reading

Disc Brake Noises

Today’s higher technology vehicles have complicated braking systems. Further, given environmental and safety concerns. automakers have been forced to abandon asbestos brake pads and rely instead on organic, low metal and semi-metallic brake lining materials. Continue reading

Changing the Injection Pump on a GM 6.2L Diesel

Changing an injection pump on a GM 6.2L Diesel is not as difficult as one might expect. Getting to the injection pump requires removing the air cleaner assemble and the intake manifold. Before the manifold can be removed, several brackets may need to be loosened and removed from the studs that hold on the intake manifold. This may include the air conditioner condenser bracket and alternator bracket. Continue reading

Hard to start / Will not start

One of the most common diesel complaints is a hard to start or will not start situation. Every detail is important when trying to diagnose such a problem. One should determine if engine temperature has anything to do with the problem, ambient temperature should also be considered. Continue reading

Injector problems

Several symptoms relate to possible injector problems. These symptoms include but are not limited to: oil dilution, engine running rough, a dead miss, smoke (white or black), a drop in fuel economy and starting problems. Continue reading